Septic System Repairs

L & N Septic provides a High level of experience in septic system repair including drain field repair.  If you are looking for the kind of septic system repair San Antonio can trust call L & N Septic.

Sewer and septic systems work great when they are properly installed.  If the system is not plumbed properly though you may experience some common piping problems including.

  • Broken, damaged or collapsed pipeseptic-piping-repair
  • Pipes have become misaligned due to shifting soil
  • Non biodegradable grease buildup, a paper object blocking, flow, vent or baffle
  • Pipe has deteriorated due to chemicals
  • Pipe has sunk creating a valley in a run, causing paper and waste to collect
  • Bad joints, due to faulty installation or ground shifting
  • Roots in pipe to to tree growth
  • Poor grading or venting of pipes

Septic systems use pumps and alarms these are some common repairs for the mechanical and electrical components of a septic system.

  • Sludge in pump chamber due to overflow septic-tank-alarm-images
  • Pump or alarm failure to to tank flooding
  • Flat out failure of mechanical or electrical parts in pump
  • Baffles blocked with paper waste or oil
  • Bad float switch
  • Incorrect fuse in system or electrical overload (wrong gauge of wire used).