Septic Cleaning

If you’re looking for the kind of septic cleaning San Antonio septic system owners can count on.   Call L & N Septic.   Keeping your septic system clean and maintained can help prevent expensive emergency repairs.  Here is an example of the process for inspeting your septic system if you have never had it cleaned before.

  1. Locate the septic system
  2. Uncover or dig out access holesSeptic-Cleaning-Covers-San-Antonio
  3. Flush all toilets
  4. Check the system for any signs of backup
  5. Measure scum levels to make sure they are within specifications for your septic tank
  6. Inspect mechanical components
  7. Check for leaks
  8. Clean out the tank if necessary

Knowing where the access holes are for your septic system before we arrive will save you time and money.  Locating access holes can be a time-consuming task.  Ask us about raising your septic covers the ground level if they are completely buried.  Although there is a cost for this upgrade future septic cleaning tasks will be less expensive if your access holes are at ground level.

Power vacuum pump trucks to clean out your septic system in a jiffy.  Contact us to schedule a service call for a cleaning or system inspection.