Septic Services

There is some interesting science in the septic system and understanding it will help you choose a reputable septic services company. Ask yourself, how does my Septic System septic-services-san-antonioWork? Knowing what and how your septic system works will educate you and help you to maintain it properly.  It is more than just a hole in the ground with some pipes running to a tank. Knowing a little can save you a lot. Check out our Tips and Tricks page for septic system maintenance advice.

A septic system is comprised of a septic tank, which is buried on your property and the drain field.  Which is also on your property.  Pipes, pumps, alarms, baffles, gravity and other moving parts also are part of your septic system.  When waste from your house flows into your septic tank. A process of waste disposal begins.

  1. A scum layer builds on top of the surface of the water in the tank.  Bacteria convert this scum into liquid.
  2. Solid waste sinks to the bottom of your tank and becomes sludge which must be cleaned out or pumped out on a scheduled basis.
  3. The water and only the water between the scum and sludge should flow out of the septic tank into your drain field.

If the sludge is not pumped out of your septic tank it will continue to build in volume.  It is not biodegradable. So call the septic service San Antonio trusts for your septic cleaning needs.  L&N Septic.  210-710-1827 or contact us today.

Avoid any chemicals that can kill the bacteria in your septic tank as this bacteria is what breaks down the waste in the tank.